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All of our rides start and finish from the
parking lot of Charley’s Bicycle Laboratory.

Shop Ride Days

Wednesday 12pm – CBL 2 Lakes Lunch Ride – This is a 35 mile mid-day ride on Oklahoma City’s most popular local bike trails. It is an endurance paced ride of around 2 hours. When the daylight is short, and weather cold, this is the perfect time of day to get in some pedaling.

Route Link:


Saturday 7am – OKC City Loop – Steady Endurance that uses bike trails, stops for coffee/snack downtown, and then back up to Charley’s Bicycle Lab. Start/Finish at CBL.

  • 48 miles / 18-19 mph avg
  • Start at 7am (lights necessary).
  • Done by 10am at the latest!

Tuesdays – Periodic Night Rides

  • We have some interest in doing a night ride on Tuesdays at 6pm.
  • Call before hand to see if the ride is rolling (405) 603-7655
  • Distance will be around 30 miles, and pace a 19 mph steady average.
  • The route won’t be a rinse-repeat. Could change week by week.
  • Ride starts/finishes at Charley’s Bicycle Laboratory


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Ride Rules/Requirements

  • All Rides Leave ON TIME.
  • Helmet Required
  • Flat repair kit, the elements you need to repair a flat tire on your bike, required.
  • No riding in the aerobars (if you bring your tri bike)
  • No Intervals off the front or off the back. This places the group in danger in traffic. For safety its important for us to ride as a unified group. If you need to intervals its recommended you do them on your own.
  • No riding with earphones in both ears. It’s important that you can hear warnings during the ride if needed. Also, group rides are meant to be social!


 **Our groups ride at the pace advertised. We don’t do “no-drop” rides since they let one person’s fitness control the whole group. In the same light we don’t let people hammer at the front and make the pace too high for the group. If your fitness is lacking to stay with the group then you have the work ahead of you to get stronger, or try a slower ride. If your fitness is “too fast” for the group, check out some of our World’s rides, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed for a challenge.