Body Geometry Fit
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Body Geometry Fit

Ready to get fit?

Standard Fit is $1.
$1? That’s right! Our Standard Fit (Road Bike and MTB only) is $1 – we want to make it very accessible for you to have a great position (and great ride) on your bicycle. A basic bike fit that gets your seat height, position, handlebar reach & drop, and stance into a standard position. If you are new to riding, or just need a check of your position this is a popular option.

Basic Aero/Triathlon Fit $100

Our basic Triathlon/Aero fit is $100. This gets your seat position, stance, and front end/cockpit setup all dialed.

Body Geometry Fit is $200 and an Aero Body Geometry Fit is $250 (for fits on Triathlon bikes). This cost covers the service of the fit. Anything needed to get you stable on the bike (shoes, footbeds, wedges, etc) or comfortable (saddles, stem, handlebars, etc.) will cost extra. This fit is for those that need a thorough look at their position and connection to their bike. It’s the best way for us to evaluate any injury or issues from riding and how to adjust your bike fit to relieve pain, pressure or tension. 


Body Geometry Fit Studio Hours:


Tuesday through Friday – Appointments can start as early as 10:15am and as late as 4pm.


Call or email to schedule your fit today! Email (, call (405 603 7655) to schedule your fit today!

Bikes are not one size fits all.

Getting the right fit for you and your bike makes a huge difference. Not only does it help stabilize and address any pain or discomfort on the bike, a proper Body Geometry FIT has been shown to make you more powerful on the bike. This kind of experience helps provide a long-lasting love affair with cycling.


What makes your fit services different than what I see offered at my local bike shop?

Our years of experience and training in every discipline of cycling at every level. It’s the person fitting you and the attention to detail that results in your proper fit to your bike, for the type of riding you wish to do.


We have combined that experience with professional training from Fit industry leader Specialized and their Body Geometry FIT method and process – developed by world leader in sports science and bicycle fit Dr. Andy Pruitt.


This takes you through a thorough process looking at your goals, riding style, flexibility, body alignment, strength and more to help dial in a truly customized fit on your bike.

Many shops will put you on the bike right away, but that is mostly guess work using very general guidelines. Check out the video below for an idea of what the experience will be with our Body Geometry Fit:


How much time will it take?


A proper fitting and adjustment can take up to three hours. However, we do work hard and efficiently to get you fitted to your bike correctly with an average time of two hours or less.


Who does the fit?


Tony Steward and Devon Fox are our Body Geometry Technicians that run the fits at Charley’s Bicycle Laboratory. Both trained at Specialized’s headquarters on the method of Body Geometry as well as the biomechanics involved – they can help get you stronger and more comfortable on the bike. Add a Body Geometry Fit to your Cart today!



Can changes to my bike me made before I leave?


Yes, almost always. Replacing cleats, exchanging handlebars, or installing new equipment inevitably takes time, but we can’t be sure the fit is perfect without seeing you on it, so we like to get it done while you take a short break.



Cleat position can help with knee alignment, it band issues, and more!