Have you noticed it’s windy in Oklahoma?

Have you noticed it’s windy in Oklahoma?


Three years ago Specialized got to the point where they wanted to not only test their high-end products in win tunnels – but all their products. So, they built their own – low speed – cycling specific – WinTunnel on their campus. Now, instead of having to rent a wind tunnel by the hour, and only getting a couple a days testing on certain high end products – they have their WinTunnel running every week getting hundreds of hours testing on both high end products, and the levels below.

Living in a place like Oklahoma, where the average wind speed is 15 mph – and we often have it higher then that – it makes a big difference to have cycling gear built to be effective in the wind. Pictured are the Rovall Rapide CLX 32 wheels. Super light, fast at speed, and great in cross winds.

Come on by and see what else the WinTunnel has been up to!

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